The Meaning of Rose Colours

Red: Love, Beauty, Courage, Respect
White: Purity, Innocence, Youthfulness
Pink: Appreciation, Grace, Perfect Happiness
Light Pink: Admiration, Sympathy, Sweetness
Yellow: Joy, Friendship, Welcome Back
Yellow with Red Tip: Falling in Love
Orange: Desire, Enthusiasm
Red and White: Unity
Peach: Appreciation, Gratitude
Pale Peach: Modesty
Coral: Desire
Lavender: Love at First Sight
Blue: Unattainable
Black: Death, Farewell
Red Rosebud: Purity, Loveliness
White Rosebud: Girlhood

The Meaning of a Number of Roses

1: Devotion
2: “Marry Me”
6: To be Loved or Cherished
11: Deep Love
13: Secret Admirer