Sevans Designs Graphic Design Process

Sevans Designs Graphic Design ProcessSevans Designs Graphic Design Process: Define, Design, Deploy

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The Sevans Designs Graphic Design Process infographic outlines our general graphic design process from initial communication to project completion.


  1. Initial Communication: Initial discussion covering project objectives and timeline.
  2. Formal Meeting: Formal meeting to discuss project details. Sevans Designs gathers information (project brief). The client provides corporate guidelines and content required for the project.
  3. Agreement: Sevans Designs provides a written proposal (quote).  The client approves the quote and provides deposit.
  4. Overview: Sevans Designs reviews the project brief to understand the project and objectives.
  5. Research: Sevans Designs conducts competitor research and similar successful projects.
  6. Concept Development: Sevans Designs develops draft concepts and chooses the best concept for further development.
  7. Presentation: Sevans Designs presents the concepts to the client. The client chooses a concept and provides feedback.
  8. Finalization: Sevans Designs provides the client with the final artwork. The client approves the final artwork.
  9. Production: Sevans Designs facilitates production of the final product. The client approves any proofs and provides final payment.