Featured Project: Premier Mobility and Health Products Website Design and Development

Premier Mobility PAU Website Design & Development┬áCONCEPT: Sevans Designs created an online presence for Premier Mobility and Health Products Pickering showcasing their products and services. Premier Mobility offers the unique service of assisting individuals in the comfort of their own home. To focus on this we placed a visual emphasis on the Premier Mobility van (the root of their service). At the same time we wanted to aim at their target market, caregivers, giving the website a friendly and approachable look and feel – focusing on owner, Linda Madigan, and her credentials as a nurse.

DESIGN ISSUES: The website was to reflect the look of the Premier Mobility head office website while creating it’s own identity so that users easily distinguish between the two entities.

Equipped with input from the client on content, Sevans Designs conducted research to determine look, usability, and flow of the website. The design concept was developed and presented to the client. Once the client approved the website design, it was built in HTML/CSS. Social media components including a Facebook business page, Twitter and YouTube accounts were setup and integrated into the website. After final client approval the website was launched and tested in all browsers.

OUTCOME/RESULTS: Premier Mobility and Health Products Pickering now has an online presence. We are currently working together on a Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) plan to further optimize and promote the website.

“My colleagues husband called me and said it was one of the best small business websites he has ever seen. I am very happy.”
Linda Madigan, Premier Mobility